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Realtors grow profitable businesses by having great reputations. These days great reputations are very often found by consumers online. What does your online reputation presence look like? Do you have recent, positive reviews or do you have stale, negative reviews?

Too often Realtors ignore their online profiles and assume that their work will keep rolling in. But more and more people are using online reviews as a way to decide if they are going to call you at all. The last time you looked for a service what did you do? Probably Googled a service or product and then looked for reviews.

Did you look for the company with the most reviews? With the highest average Star Rating? If one of your customers uses those criteria to find you, would you stand out? How many reviews does your competition have?

Online reviews are the word of mouth of the internet. The more, and recent reviews you have the more likely it is you will get new customers. Getting those reviews can be complicated or simple. In the past you relied on emails after the deal closed and hoped that your customer would follow up and leave you a review, often they did not. It was complicated for them, they had to follow a link or find the website to leave a review on, then navigate to the right page to leave a review. Most people won’t go through the trouble to do this even if they had a great experience.

SimplyReview.Us is provides an easy to use, all encompassing platform for you to dominate your online reputation and generate more sales. Our system allows you to generate new reviews, track your online reputation and respond to negative feedback in a timely and professional manner. 


of consumers read online reviews


Send a text at the point of sale, prompting a review

SimplyReview.Us uses technology on your phone to send a simple text message to your client as you finish a job. So while you’re standing there hearing great things from your client you can simply text them to leave you a review on one of your reputation sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook or other sites in a matter of minutes. It’s simple and quick.

We built in a system for having negative reviews come to you instead of being posted online. You’ll have  knowledge of a problem before it hits your reputation. You can then speak with the client and try to rectify the issues before a less than wonderful review is posted.


Monitoring of your reviews is also important to managing your online reputation. You need to know what people are saying about you, your staff and their experience on your company profiles. This second tool in our suite, will notify you when you get a review and you’ll have access to your dashboard that shows  what your star rating is now, how many reviews you’ve gotten and on which sites. 

Email Notifications

alert you to new reviews

enable yourself to be proactive

Continue the conversation with customers, identify customer satisfaction issues quickly and know which customers to thank to build loyalty





Access review volumes and aggregate ratings over time, identify areas for improvement in your business and track your review generator effort’s success



Respond to positive and negative reviews quickly and professionally

The last part of reputation management is responding to reviews. This can be very intimidating for most people so we’ve simplified the process and made it as easy as possible for anyone to write a response to their reviews. Review responses for both good and bad reviews is a great way to show potential clients that you care about your reputation and are willing to go above and beyond what other companies do. With our response wizard you or your staff are not left to write responses from scratch. We’ve put together responses that work for most situations, or you can customize them.

We’ve seen other reputation management companies with products that have so many bells and whistles they end up costing hundreds of dollars a month to have. We found  these bells and whistles are really great but not affordable, or necessary, for small or medium business owners needs. We created SimplyReview.Us to be affordable and easy to use with just the right amount of information each month. Our monthly pricing is less than $100 a month for our entire suite of tools to generate, track and respond.

So if reputation management and getting reviews wasn’t something you were doing in the past because it was too complicated and expensive, it no longer is with SimplyReview.Us.

create professional review responses in under 2 minutes

Avoid common response pitfalls, and save time focusing on what you and your employees do best – serving your customers. The response wizard writes the response for you.

the wizard covers all common topics

The wizard appropriately responds to both positive and negative reviews, addressing the customer’s specific concerns, such as staff, communication and service.

the wizard covers all common topics

The wizard appropriately responds to both positive and negative reviews, addressing the customer’s specific concerns, such as staff, communication and service.


of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

The Reviews Are In!

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“We began using the SimplyReview app last year with much more success.  The text message makes it more instantaneous and people are more likely to review us right away instead of setting it aside until later and then forgetting about it.”

Gary Lentz

Owner, CertaPro Painters of North Denver

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“The more reviews we can gather on the most prominent review sites, the lower our marketing costs are – and the tool is the most cost effective and simplest way we’ve found to increase the number of reviews we receive.  Giving us a review needs to be effortless for the customer, and this tool delivers that.  An excellent addition to our marketing strategy.

Steve Bonbright

Owner, CertaPro Painters of the Peninsula

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“I like that we can simply text the customer when the job is completed to write a review. Most people have their phone on them so it’s convenient and VERY effective.”

Jessica Belman

Owner, CertaPro Painters Eastside

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