What Is SimplyReview.Us?

SimplyReview.Us is a set of integrated tools to help you manage your online reputation. These tools help you:

  • Generate Positive Online Reviews
  • Monitor Your Reviews and Ratings on Key Sites
  • Notify You When Your Cusotmers Leave You New Reviews
  • Compose Timely Responses to Your Online Reviews

SimplyReview.Us is designed to make review generation, monitoring and response as easy as possible for both business owners and their customers.

Why Do I Need Reviews?

Consumers increasingly check online reviews for most purchases they plan to make. When your competition has multiple reviews and you have fewer, who do you think a consumer is going to choose? The one with more positive reviews will win the business.

Google and the other search engines openly include review volume, breadth, and ratings into their ranking algorithms. Want to rank higher in search? Don’t want your competition to pass you by? GET MORE POSITIVE ONLINE REVIEWS!

Review generation needs to be an ongoing process. Consumers and search engines look at the volume, recency, and overall rating of your reviews. If reviews aren’t a priority, don’t be surprised if you become harder to find online while your competition’s reputation surges. Neither is a recipe for your success.

Where Can I Get Reviews Posted?

You choose the most valuable review sites for your business, and we do the rest! Customer reviews get posted to your specific profiles on these review sites. Choose up to 4 sites where you already have a profile set up. Here are just a sample of sites we can drive your customers to where they can leave a review:

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How Much Does It Cost?

$99 USD / month.*

SimplyReview.Us gives you the ability to generate unlimited reviews, monitor your review efforts, and create professional responses to reviews for only $99 a month! Many other reputation management services have lots of bells and whistles and start at $150 a month, but quickly escalate to $300, 400, even $500+ a month!

We wanted to keep it simple because you are busy running a business and just need to get reviews. And that is exactly what SimplyReview.Us can do for you.

This price includes:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Review Requests
  • Monitoring Review Volume and Ratings on Your Key Review Profiles
  • Email Notification of New Customer Reviews

*$199 USD one-time setup fee

if i terminate services, will i lose my reviews?

No. Many other services will get reviews for you, but if you terminate service a large portion of your reviews may be taken down. With SimplyReview.Us your reviews are placed directly on your review site profiles. They are yours forever. No one can take them away.

How Does The Review Generation Work?

Invite Your Customer to Give Feedback

Simply go to the Get a Review page, enter your customer’s mobile phone number, hit submit and you’re done! Your customer immediately receives a text from you asking for feedback.

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1. Use SimplyReview.Us to send a text message to your customer at the point of sale.

2. The customer indicates whether they would recommend your business.

3. Positive responses redirect customers to any 4 of your review profiles.

4. The customer can easily leave a positive review, all within a few minutes.

Positive Reviews Roll In

The vast majority of your customers are eager to recommend you, right? These customers are one click away from being perfectly positioned to sing your praises!

Negative Reviews are Avoided

Your reputation is protected, though, because unhappy customers are identified before they leave a review and provide feedback directly to you, rather than to the public.

All in a Few Brief Moments!

The whole process takes just a few seconds for you and less than 3 minutes for your customer!

Why Use Text/SMS?


You pick the exact moment to approach your customers – when they are most satisfied and emotionally engaged with your product or service. At the point of purchase. At the completion of the project. Get them when it counts!   All other forms of review generation miss this incredibly powerful moment!


You are approaching your customers on a platform they are comfortable and familiar using – their smart phones. Requesting a review via text/SMS is asking for a small favor they can easily complete with the device in their pocket.   They don’t have to remember to do it later, fire up the computer, hunt for your review site profile, etc. That’s a hassle and no matter how much your customers love you, they hate hassles!


You decide who and when to ask. Want your front line workers to ask for reviews? No problem. Just give them the Get a Review link! Worried about disclosing your customers’ personal data? No worries. We only need a cell number, never a name, email address, physical address, or anything else.

How Does the Monitoring & Notification Work?

On a ongoing basis the system pings your review profiles, measuring how many reviews you have and your aggregate rating. This information is available to you any time you’d like. And when we see that a new review has been left for you we immediately send you an email with the details.

What is the Response Wizard, and How Does It Work?

Responding to reviews in a timely and professional manner is imperative. It shows your potential customers that you care about their satisfaction and your company’s reputation. But trying to compose these reponses can be tricky, time consuming, and easy to get wrong.   That’s why we create the Response Wizard. Answer a few question the wizard is able to hone in on the specific type of response to write. You then pick from a few appropriate options, customize it as you’d like, and cut-and-paste it into your review profile. Anyone in your company can compose and post a relevent, intelligent and customer-focused response in just a couple of minutes.

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In my experience with SimplyReview.Us, it has increased our Online Review flow from 1 or 2 a year to 1-3 a week in the busy season.  This has directly increased our lead flow and S/R.  People now know WHO we are and WHAT kind of work we do.  We no longer have to sell our process and service, we can focus on educating our customers and developing our relationship. 

Jacline Workman

Owner, CertaPro Painters of Arvada