Wondering How To Increase Your Business Exposure in Facebook?


Several months ago, Facebook began testing a new rating system for business pages on the social media platform. The beta test went through several considerations and resulted in Reviews becoming Recommendations.

The hope is for recommendations to promote the authenticity of a review for your business and reduce false or spam reviews.

Recommendations Have A Huge Impact On Your Bottom Line. 

But you already know how important reviews are for your business – you’re a business owner, so we don’t have to tell you that.  However, we know it is frustrating to figure out how to get a consistent flow of reviews/recommendations – we can take that frustration away with our easy to use and implement review app.

What’s Changed?

  • Customers wanting to review on your page are simply asked: “Do You Recommend this Business? Yes or No”
  • As part of the recommendation, they can add photos, tags and provide additional feedback – good or bad
  • There are no longer “5 Star Reviews” or “1 Star Reviews” – a potential customer will see who recommends you and who doesn’t and why

This is a great opportunity for you to use our free response wizard, so you can craft personalized responses to negative feedback quickly and effectively – grab and use the tool here (always free).

Are you ready to make a big impact on your business with new reviews?  Schedule a free demo to see just how easy this process can actually be.  Once the reviews start rolling in, you can feel confident that you now know how to get those valuable customer reviews online.

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