Business Pages are nothing new to the world of Facebook. However, the ability to diversify your Page with a template that’s based on the industry you’re in? That’s a first for the social media giant. After all, not every business is the same in the slightest, and Facebook recognizes the differences in business types, locations and purposes in today’s flourishing, entrepreneurial world. One size never truly fits all, if we’re being honest.

If you run a Facebook Business Page, you’ve likely received an email within the last few weeks stating how new templates will be applied to all registered Facebook Business Pages on August 24th. And by now, if you haven’t taken action, Facebook has made that decision for you.

With templates designed for your industry, you’ll now have the ability to spend more time conversing and engaging with your customers online and/or on-site, rather than spending advertising dollars trying to convey just who you are, and what experience a customer is to expect of your business.

With the addition of templates comes the ability to add a Button to your Business Page once this update has been universally implemented by various teams at Facebook. This Button will serve as a call-to-action for customers, and is customizable between the following four options:

Contact (via Messenger, Phone or Email)

Shop Now (Services Pages)

Start Order (Retail Pages)

Book a Service

To add one of these CTA buttons to your page, simply click, “+Add a Button” underneath your Page’s cover photo, then choose a button from the dropdown menu. After you’ve selected what’s most-suitable for your business, click finish.

*Pro tip: test out your button to ensure it works after clicking “finish”.

Additionally, Facebook is stepping up their security measures on accounts with a large U.S. audience. Now, administrators, managers and editors of every Facebook Business Page must go through a two-step authorization process. The idea behind this is to make it more difficult for someone to run a Page with a fake or compromised account. This is a process similar to verifying your business ownership for Google My Business.

With the increased security for pages with large U.S. followings comes heightened transparency, as well. You may have noticed there’s more visibility into the running of your Business Page recently, or have noticed it on others. Facebook wanted to give consumers, and the general population, insight into who was running the Facebook Page for various businesses, what their role is with the company, and where they’re located geographically in relation to said company. Since facing much criticism in recent months, Facebook seems to be striving to prevent the creation or use of accounts for the sole purpose to mislead; giving off a less-than-admirable customer experience (to say the least).

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